28 Jul 2022


The collective NOON is inviting you for a journey into their work, exploring other ways to compose, rest and be together. Starting with sharing some material they created during their stay at La Caldera, and ending with a conversation around and within the work. 

After the creation of various performative installations in which the audience was able to move around, NOON is focussing this year on a research project to deepen their understanding of the immersivity in their work. Within this research, the group visited several places to work on this question and try out, exploring different aspects in each new context. Those explorations will be the starting point of a new performance which will be created in 2023. 

NOON is a young multidisciplinary collective based in Belgium who has created a series of performative installations originating from questions around other ways of being together. The collective is interested in events of entanglement between human and non-human actors, in a morfing of bodies, in creating or rather discovering, some kind of symbiosis. The project tries to imagine how to be together, how to play together, how to dance together and how to rest together ‘on a damaged planet’. 

More about Noon Collective at La Caldera

Thursday 28th of july, at 13h and 20h

Free entrance with reservation (15 perople max.)