17 - 18 Jun 2016

< Fuck-in-Progress >

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< The choreographer Jordi Cortés presents a work that incorporates dancers of all diversity. They are the protagonists of a dance theatre proposal that is unconventional regarding the relationship we have with our bodies and the fear to show ourselves as we are. >

"Be strong!" ... This is the meaning of "kiakaha", a Maori expression Jordi Cortés used to name an association with. For more than ten years, he has worked in the field of physical theater and dance, and especially in integrated dance. This association was founded precisely as a performative project in which different characters share experiences through words and body language.

Each of these performers has a peculiar relationship with their body and the surrounding environment, so that each has its genuine particularity. Through eroticism, sensuality, fetishism of objects and the eyes of others they will share their experiences. The audience will witness and be an accomplice to their confessions and the attempts of these performers to free their bodies through the language of dance.

"... As you can fight and enjoy from and with the body, to achieve visibility"

'Fuck-in-Progress' has been awarded the XVIII Critics Award for Best Choreography 2015

Art sheet

> Director Jordi Cortés

> Assistant Director Gloria José

> Cast Mercedes Recacha, Annabel Castan, Miriam Aguilera, Juan Casaoliva, Girbau Jaume, Raul Perales, Jose Gloria & Jordi Cortés

> Video Performers Xavier Duacastilla, Emilio Bravo, Rita Noutel

> Design Scenic Area María de Frutos

> Lighting Design Lorenzo Parra

> Costume Design Míriam Compte

> Sound Design and Music Jordi Agut

> Characterization Txus González

> Video Creation Jokin Laboa

> Photography Toni Pastor G. Payan & Jesus

> Social Media & Content Xavier Duacastilla

> Executive Production Raül Perales

> Production Management Oriol Greyhound

> Production Assistant Adrià Vargas

> Coproduction Association Kiakahart - Arts in Motion

GREC 2015 Festival de Barcelona


With the collaboration of: High Realitat; Mercat de les Flors; La Caldera -Center for the creation of contemporary dance and performing arts; The Graner - Creation Center; l'Estruch, Factory Arts Creation in Viu City of Sabadell


With the support of the Department of Culture of the Generalitat of Catalonia


Special Thanks to Monica Queralt, Ferran Audi, Marc Mittenhoff

JORDI CORTÉS se forma como bailarín en el Institut del Teatre de Barcelona. Ha colaborado con compañías como Mudances, Lanònima Imperial, Metrosm o Iago Pericot. Vivió 10 años en Londres donde trabajó con DV8 Physical Theater, Nigel Charcknock, Russell Maliphant… siempre combinando la tarea de creador con la de investigador del movimiento en todas sus facetas, desde la diversidad funcional, sensorial, psíquica, sexual e intergeneracional. Actualmente es el director artístico de Alta Realitat, fundador de la associació KIAKAHART, i del colectivo de danza-teatro integrado Liant la Troca.

More about Jordi Cortés at La Caldera

Duration: 85 minutes