5 - 15 Oct 2015

Open trainigs

Entrenamientos abiertos con Iris Heitzinger

Contemporary technique – “bodies experimenting”

In these classes we explore mobility simultaneously through accumulating knowledge of our anatomical structure and through recognition of our physical intuition. Contrary to our conscious mind which has certain limitations when it comes to focusing on various task at the same time, the body has a capacity to work within much more complex systems if we allow or provoke it to act from it’s intuitive and organic knowledge. Through exercises and concrete dynamics we search for this fluid and reactive state focusing on the centre’s connection with the extremities, investigating a body in and out of axis. We search for support points on different surfaces of the body and the use of the adequate energy. We attend to this practice through choreographed phrases and research exercises individually, with a partner and in groups, always aiming to amplify our physical language and to move freely.

Class 10€ / Payment of 5 classes 45€ (9€ / class)
Residents La Caldera i APdC members 6€ class / Payment of 5 classes 25€ ( 5€ / class)

IRIS HEITZINGER. Studied performance and contemporary dance at the Anton Bruckner Private University in Linz/AT and continued her formation in England, Holland, Belgium and Finland. Since then she has been collaborating as a freelance dancer with artists such as Jeremy Wade (USA), Ted Stoffer (BE, USA), Vincent Dance Theatre (UK), H2Dance (SE, NO), Cie. Willi Dorner (AT), Cie. Laroque (AT) or Cia. Lanònima Imperial (ES). Besides her work as a performer Iris has been teaching contemporary dance, improvisation and partnering workshops and regular classes for professionals in Austria, Poland, Canada, the UK, Spain and Japan. She is cofounder ofthe guinea pig collective, which forms the base for creative processes and exchange of inspiration of 3 artists coming from the fields of new media art, experimental music and performing arts (www.gpigs.com). Iris lives and works in Barcelona were she develops her individual works as Miss Luiss Twisted (http://missluisstwisted.gpigs.com) and continues to collaborate with artists from different fields. Her most recent work is the project L_ENTES (http://www.flavors.me/l_entes) with Natalia Jiménez, which premiered in May 2012 in coproduction with the Festival NEO/Barcelona.

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