2 - 3 Mar 2024

Rel i grapa

Rel i Grapa is an attempt to bring together two ways of living dance, to establish a dialogue between tradition and contemporaneity and to see what the points of friction are between them. With this gesture of approximation, the imagery of both dance and music expands, allowing their languages to contaminate each other in an explosion of identities.

Art sheet

Original idea and choreography: Víctor Pérez Armero

Music composed by: Raúl Pérez Armero

Created and performed by: Víctor Pérez Armero, Raúl Pérez Armero

Artistic support: Montse Colomé

Sound space: Panxii Badii

Lighting and lights design: Arnau Sala

Costume design: Jorge Dutor, Víctor Pérez Armero

Production coordination: Alba Gómez, Àngels Nogué

Executive producer: Xavier Granada, Víctor Pérez Armero

Photography and video: Tristán Pérez-Martín

Distribution: Magrana Escena

Special thanks to: Ginesta Ferrer, Lali Mateu, Esbart Sant Cugat

A production of Magrana Escena.

Co-production: Fira Mediterrània de Manresa and Dansàneu, Festival de Cultures del Pirineu with the support of the Pla d'impuls a la dansa d'arrel.

With the support of the Departament de Cultura de la Generalitat de Catalunya, Depper, La Caldera and La Unió Santcugatenca.

Residencies: La Caldera, La Unió Santcugatenca, EMDC-Escola Municipal de dansa de Celrà, Centre Cívic de Porqueres, Mutte Cultural and Teatre Kursaal de Manresa.

Víctor and Raúl Pérez Armero are two brothers, and their first joint creation is this show, a vindication of their origins with a contemporary view that works as a container for the reencounter of both artists. You are invited to discover an artistic universe in which the artistic and personal relationship between the performers is based on tenacity, sensitivity and mutual respect.

More about Víctor Pérez Armero, Raúl Pérez Armero at La Caldera

Saturday March 2, at 8pm and Sunday March 3, at 7pm

50 minuts