25 - 29 Jul 2018



Amalia Fernández and Juan Domínguez, together and separately, propose this intensive 5-day laboratory to celebrate their 12th anniversary of brotherhood in work and friendship.

Welcome. Join. Leave everything behind and follow us ... maybe it's fun. Profitable. Inspiring.


Mornings: Tools and Procedures
10am to 12pm with Juan Domínguez: Dirty Room

This practice comes from the methodology used in the Clean Room, a project based on the concept of seriality that produces another type of temporality and continuity in theater, and also, another kind of commitment.

Another way of relating to work will be promoted, reorganizing the concept of expectations and renouncing to the most basic narrative elements, encouring narrative creation during the experience itself.

-From 12 am to 2 pm with Amalia Fernández: Collective Body

Taking advantage of the circumstance of being a group, I propose a series of apparently physical practices, where the focus is actually the place of attention. I am interested in experiencing the concept of interdependence (different ways of listening, action-reaction, etc.) in the framework of the body and action.

Afternoon: Pleasure, Desire, Impulse and Reflection

-From 15 to 19h, we propose an individual space to connect with desires and appetites: to formulate and to try to materialize them (to satisfy them), and also to put all the worlds on the table and decide, as a group, what kind of coexistence can occur between all these forms, issues, processes, times, bodies, minds ...

The dialectic, The interferences, The agreements, So irreconcilable, Common, Unclassifiable, Constructible, The motto would be: What can we do together without ceasing to be UNIQUE?

It is not a utopia, It is not any forced democracy, but rather a trial to understand that other relationships in the field of art are possible.

JUAN DOMÍNGUEZ is a conceptual clown, a magical cowboy, a model poet and curator of pleasure in the performing arts, dance, theater and performance. He resides and works between the cities of Madrid, Berlin and Brussels. His work explores the relationship between the different codes and advocates for the complete dissolution between fiction and reality, using one to produce the other and vice versa. Some of his works are: All the good spies have my age (2002). Shichimi Togarashi in collaboration with Amalia Fernández (2006), blue (2009), Ya llegan los personajes in collaboration with Els Torreznos (2011), El Triunfo de la Libertad (2014) in collaboration with La Ribot and Juan Loriente, Clean Room pilot seasons, 1, 2, and 3 (2010-2016). Between what is not and what is not yet (2016). Avant-Garten in collaboration with Arantxa Martínez (2017). In the last 14 years he has curated various festivals and cycles. He was artistic director of the In-presentable Festival / La Casa Encendida (2003-12), co-designer of Living Room Festival (2010-17) and co-curator of Picnic Sessions at C2M-Madrid (2013-15) others.

More about Juan Domínguez at La Caldera

AMALIA FERNÁNDEZ. I live and work in Madrid for 28 years. Classical training (ballet) like almost all the people of my generation who spent their student period in Spain.

My professional career has gone from the interpretation (as a member of the Cia. El Bailadero-Mónica Valenciano, for 10 years) to independent creation as of 2005. In this phase, I have created solo pieces (Matrioixka, Kratimosha, In construction 1 and 2, The resistant and delicate musical sound, etc.) and in collaboration with other artists (Shichimi Togarashi with Juan Domínguez, Perrita china with Nilo Gallego, Bailarina II with Sonia Gómez, etc.). I have also participated in processes of other artists, such as interpreter, coach, choreographer, timely collaborator ...

I am currently working at EXPOGRAFÍA, a project about exhibition and the elements that compose it (the object, the subject and the vision itself), also on theatre and museum devices and how they influence the unconscious rules, the ways of seeing, the time ... this work will be released in January of 2019. Collaborate with me in this research Anto Rodríguez. We are very entertaining ...

Another important part of my work is related to teaching in various academic and extra-academic contexts, with the support of public or private institutions. In this sense, one of the most beautiful projects has been to Be or not to be a body, in collaboration with Santiago Alba Rico, and intermittent collaboration with MPECV.

Canto en un cor since 2004, which has greatly influenced my pieces in recent years.

I am also an Iyengar yoga teacher, and this relationship for 23 years with yoga has contaminated my vision of the artistic practices and their transmission methodology.

I am very interested in the collective processes of study and creation of work.

More about Amalia Fernández at La Caldera

Date: from 25 to 29 July

Hours: from 10am to 2pm and from 3pm until 7pm.

Price: 90€

In order to facilitate the tracking of the program, affordable prices and discounts are offered:

€ 50 - 3 days sporad: Vera Mantero

€ 70 - Sporá 5 days: Salva Sanchis, Paz Rojo and Monica Valenciano

€ 90 - double sporad 5 days: Amalia Fernández and Juan Domínguez

20% - APDC members / AISGE partners / students at the Institut del Teatre

20% - from the 2nd spore

30% - from the 3rd spore

* If you are interested in following the complete program, contact us.
For more information and inscriptions: aula@lacaldera.info / tel. 93 415 68 51