14 - 15 Jul 2023

Tengo un problema contemporáneo

Through different independent studies of movement and discourse, this show speculates on the on-site work of performers, doubts the meaning of the stage and flees from the concept of show.

The discourse or thinking that the piece aims to introduce through the body and words focuses specifically on the physically present work of performers and artists when they are on-stage, reasoning and acting on the idea that we do not have or cannot share our contemporary present but that instead we share an extemporaneous reality.

This work seeks to generate a kind of choreographic context in which the fictional figures of the performers are used to introduce the spectator to a series of paradoxes that accompany or define the artistic act itself: the difficulty of a profession, the artist's creative isolation, the meaning of the stage, the idea of reproduction, the simplicity or complexity of constructing with movement, whether or not it is faithful to reality...

Tengo un problema contemporáneo poses a speculative body and discourse which explains what this piece is, and based on the possibilities and impossibilities of bringing it to fruition, it speaks about its cultural present, the fact that there is a contemporary problem because it understands that what it is doing is not contemporary art but rather its outcome. This extemporaneousness, this place outside place, is the idea and sphere of action where performers sustain the impossibility of escaping from history because what they are doing is also history.

Art sheet

Directed by: Carmelo Salazar

Creation and performance: Bea Fernández, Carmelo Salazar

Text: Carmelo Salazar

Music: Glenn Martens, his own musical construction

Lighting design: Conrado Parodi

With support from: Barcelona Institute of Culture (Barcelona Crea grants), Ministry of Culture of the Government of Catalonia OSIC (Research and Innovation Grants), La Caldera, La Bonne and La Poderosa.

This project is part of the residences La Caldera 2023 in Barcelona and Leal.Lab in Tenerife. It has had the support of the Antiguo Teatro and La Poderosa.

CARMELO SALAZAR. Choreographer, art curator, dancer and educator. Since 1989 and the end of 2020 he has visited and worked in Barcelona. Currently, since 2020, he resides in Palmas de Gran Canarias. He has been a choreographer since 1992 and since then he has completed a large number of projects mainly focused on research and the dance revolution. His latest works are Fin del mundo B., Festival Salmon de Barcelona 2019, Non show work in minimal ground, Macba- Museo de arte contemporáneo de Bcn, 2020. Document / a, TEA Tenerife 2021 i I have a contemporary problem, Barcelona -Gran Canaria 2022-23. For more than 15 years he has been co-director of La Porta, through his work as a curator he has obtained, among others, the National Dance Award and the City of Barcelona Award. He is co-director of the LP dance festival in its six editions and founder of Teatrón, online community of arts you live. Since 2001, he has been conducting in-depth pedagogical research and working on the eines of writing and creative practices, giving classes and workshops in different national and international academic contexts. He has made various video dance and video art works. Currently he combines his activities with a choreographer with pedagogy and the creation of study films.

BEA FERNÁNDEZ. Choreographer, researcher and curator. Graduated in Contemporary Dance and Choreography at the Institut del Teatre, she extended her studies to the Center for Movement Research (NY). She works as an interpreter with different companies in Bcn and NY and works closely with the choreographer Carmelo Salazar participating in nombres peces. As a choreographer she has developed projects centered on the figure of the performer with memory and living archives, and research projects around things and experimental choreographic practices. She carries out activities that create dance teaching and experimentation in various contexts, both academic and cultural. She is artistic co-director of La Poderosa, space for creation and research around dance and the arts you live in Barcelona. From fa some years, under the parameters of experimental research, she plans laboratories for meeting between creators. In the last few years she has introduced her research into children's classrooms and family spaces.

More about Bea Fernández, Carmelo Salazar at La Caldera

Friday 14th and Saturday 15th of July, at 8pm