Barris en dansa

A Iliacandance company project that is based on the creation of a professional dance show with non-professionals participants from different neighborhoods of Barcelona.


Amateurs is a project of a group of partners from La Caldera, who want to collect in a show the expansion of dance and the languages of movement among the non-professional persons.


Frikcions (Frictions) is a space for the exchange of experiences and thoughts to reflect and put into practice different ways of understanding the body and dance in all its physical, psychological, sensory, sexual diversity, through participatory workshops, open doors to the audience, and shows.

Acció mutant

Before being a center for dance, the current building in La Caldera was a cinema and before that, a car factory. With this cycle we want to pay attention to the container, the uses and functions that this space has had.

Summer Stage

Summer Stage is an international meeting for high-level dancers and choreographers where courses, training exchanges and work opening moments are offered.

Entrenaments oberts

La Caldera proposes weekly open trainings, taught by dancers and choreographers of different kinds, with the aim of offering a sustained maintenance space for professionals.