Amalia Fernández y Juan Domínguez


Entrevista con Amalia Fernández y Juan Domínguez invitados a Sporá Prógrama, un espacio de transmisión para compartir herramientas y métodos de trabajo para la creación. Tuvo lugar del 25 al 29 de julio de 2018

AMALIA FERNÁNDEZ has been working independently since 2005, creating pieces for the stage, with choreographic, theatrical, musical and performative elements, both as a group and solo (Marioshka 2005, Kratimosha 2009, among others). Her aesthetic and format are simple, handmade and analogue, and her way of composing, even in the pieces in which there is no dance, is often a sophisticated choreographic, almost mathematical writing of things, actions, objects and trajectories.

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JUAN DOMÍNGUEZ is a conceptual clown, a magical cowboy, a model poet and curator of pleasure in the performing arts, dance, theater and performance. He resides and works between the cities of Madrid, Berlin and Brussels. His work explores the relationship between the different codes and advocates for the complete dissolution between fiction and reality, using one to produce the other and vice versa. Some of his works are: All the good spies have my age (2002). Shichimi Togarashi in collaboration with Amalia Fernández (2006), blue (2009), Ya llegan los personajes in collaboration with Els Torreznos (2011), El Triunfo de la Libertad (2014) in collaboration with La Ribot and Juan Loriente, Clean Room pilot seasons, 1, 2, and 3 (2010-2016). Between what is not and what is not yet (2016). Avant-Garten in collaboration with Arantxa Martínez (2017). In the last 14 years he has curated various festivals and cycles. He was artistic director of the In-presentable Festival / La Casa Encendida (2003-12), co-designer of Living Room Festival (2010-17) and co-curator of Picnic Sessions at C2M-Madrid (2013-15) others.

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