Amalia Fernández

AMALIA FERNÁNDEZ. I live and work in Madrid for 28 years. Classical training (ballet) like almost all the people of my generation who spent their student period in Spain.

My professional career has gone from the interpretation (as a member of the Cia. El Bailadero-Mónica Valenciano, for 10 years) to independent creation as of 2005. In this phase, I have created solo pieces (Matrioixka, Kratimosha, In construction 1 and 2, The resistant and delicate musical sound, etc.) and in collaboration with other artists (Shichimi Togarashi with Juan Domínguez, Perrita china with Nilo Gallego, Bailarina II with Sonia Gómez, etc.). I have also participated in processes of other artists, such as interpreter, coach, choreographer, timely collaborator ...

I am currently working at EXPOGRAFÍA, a project about exhibition and the elements that compose it (the object, the subject and the vision itself), also on theatre and museum devices and how they influence the unconscious rules, the ways of seeing, the time ... this work will be released in January of 2019. Collaborate with me in this research Anto Rodríguez. We are very entertaining ...

Another important part of my work is related to teaching in various academic and extra-academic contexts, with the support of public or private institutions. In this sense, one of the most beautiful projects has been to Be or not to be a body, in collaboration with Santiago Alba Rico, and intermittent collaboration with MPECV.

Canto en un cor since 2004, which has greatly influenced my pieces in recent years.

I am also an Iyengar yoga teacher, and this relationship for 23 years with yoga has contaminated my vision of the artistic practices and their transmission methodology.

I am very interested in the collective processes of study and creation of work.