Acció mutant

Interventions in space.

Space is the silent, silent testimony of what is happening in places, in the people who inhabit it and their relationships. In it are inscribed subtle traces of the presences and experiences that it welcomes and that at the same time transform it, construct its memory.

Before a center for dance and stage creation, the current building in La Caldera was a cinema and before that a car factory. With this cycle we want to pay attention to the container, the uses and functions it has had, the people who occupied it before us, the real or imaginary stories it tells us to discover, perhaps, other ways of living. lo.

In this cycle, we have established a collaboration with the Festival Fenòmens and we have invited Xavi Manubens and Verónica Navas, Big Bouncers and Animal Religion to make interventions that will make us enter and leave, see and live the space, always the same, always different, mutant.