Caldera Grec'17

15 days standing up

For many years now I’ve been building my work around the anatomy of the body, it’s as if I was searching for the origin of its acts in its internal structure, or perhaps just the reason for its movements. To work in this way I decided to divide the body into parts in the same way as anatomists and to look at its constitution and matter from different angles; approaching the body through these imaginary dissections.

In this creative workshop in the form of an Impromptus, I’m proposing an anatomical study of the legs and feet. I imagine 15 days standing up as a carnal wandering through the muscles, the joints and the (proper and improper) acts of the legs.

We’ll stop at what it means anatomically for the body to bestanding, to be held in that unstable balancing act that known as standing, to be on the point of leaning/toppling over at any moment.

We’ll take the idea of the step as the common thread in this wandering through the legs. The way we use the step or pace as a way of measuring space, the step as each of the movements in a dance, the step as a form of rhythm. The very word pace lies at the root of the past, as if it were only possible for us to leave behind what we have already walked over.

With this curiosity as a starting point and in just 15 days of work we‘ll get an Impromptus up and standing, that’s to say an incidental piece, open in its structure and form. A piece where Nilo Gallego will accompany us in the creation of the soundscape and Carlos Marquerie in the creation of the lighting.

Elena Córdoba