Residencies 2018


La comisión formada por Aimar Pérez Galí, Bea Fernández, Carles Mallol, Claudia SolWat, Sebastián García Ferro i Sol Picó, han seleccionado las siguientes propuestas para el programa de residencias del 2018:

AMARANTA VELARDE ‘Proyecto siesta’



ELISA KEISANEN, CRISTINA GARCÍA MORALES I ELISE MOREAU ‘Tukahtua: búsqueda, hallazgo y registro del placer’


ESTITXU ARROYO ‘Cuerpo-Documento’




LOS DETECTIVES ‘Las cosas se rompren, la gente se muere’

LOS NEGROS. ÁLVARO FRUTOS ‘Merienda de negros’

MARINA COLOMINA ‘Camping glow’

ONA BROS ‘Cum shot’

SIBERIA/ PALOMA MUÑOZ ‘La jamalara de la Tratano’



Queremos agradecer a todos/as vuestra participación en la convocatoria. Ha sido una tarea difícil para la comisión ya que recibimos muchas propuestas y muy variadas.


We’re pleased to announce that La Caldera Les Corts is opening the call for its programme of residencies for the period January to December 2018.

This year the call has two modalities and aims to play host to a total of 14 residencies: 12 creative residencies and 2 technical residencies.

Aimed at creators, collectives and researchers from different artistic disciplines working in the performing arts, where the body and/or movement is a central material, tool or question in their project.

Their origin may be local, national or international; however owing to limited availability of resources, we are afraid that we cannot offer ideal conditions for those of you living and working outside Barcelona. If this is your case, please read carefully what we have to say below relative to travel, living and accommodation expenses.

Artistic residencies

Aimed to play host to entire projects or to a specific phase in the creative process; this may be the period of conceptualisation, documentation and research; the period of specification, implementation and elaboration of materials, or the final assembly of the components. The goal is to offer time and space in order to go deeper into working processes and materials in a context that allows the proposals presented to mature and evolve.

We offer:

· Free rehearsal space. Timing (intensity, length, calendars ...) will be studied and agreed upon so that the different requirements and rhythm of each project can be met, taking into account availability relative to other activities taking place in La Caldera.

· The possibility of artistic mentoring by La Caldera’s artistic department and/or members.

· The possibility, when appropriate, of generating, together with our team, suitable contexts for sharing creative processes, opening them up to external viewpoints; from reduced groups of professionals to the general public.

Technical residencies

La Caldera can offer a studio with a black box and the minimum technical equipment for staging and public performances with a maximum capacity of 100 people; an ideal space for hosting technical residencies for small to medium scale proposals in their final stage of development.

We offer

· Use of the studio for a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 days in order to facilitate the implementation of the proposal. The schedule and period will be specified with the creators according to the requirements of each project and the availability of the centre.

· Technical equipment: lights, sound, video projector

· Free service and technical assistance.

· If the resident project does not have its own technicians or if they are not sufficient for the objectives of the residency, the possibility of providing extra technical assistance will be studied and conditions agreed on beforehand.

All resident artists will enjoy the following advantages:

# 50% discount in participation in the laboratories and courses programmed by La Caldera.

# the option to participate in any of the different activities, exchange and cooperation projects generated by La Caldera

# support in generating actions aimed at bringing the artist’s work to the general public, promoting the understanding of contemporary creation.

# information concerning the activities generated by the centre and other news from the sector as well as calls of potential interest

# one free mentoring session: management and production with Elclimamola (ristretto option)

Other services

#WiFi Internet Access

# Visibility and dissemination through the centre’s different communication channels

The studios

The main resource we can offer is the use of our studio space. Our new centre La Caldera Les Corts offers three different sized studios whose layout, equipment and possibilities determine the type of work that they are most suitable for. Even if you already know La Caldera, we advise you to visit the following links so you can match your proposal to their characteristics, this will help us all to situate and organize the residencies

sala 1

sala 4

sala 6

Travel, living and accommodation expenses

Unfortunately La Caldera is unable to cover travelling, living and accommodation expenses; this limits our capacity to host creators coming from outside Barcelona. We can only accommodate one person comfortably, or two if you don’t mind sharing the space. Having said this at La Caldera we will do all we can to help you to prepare the documentation and follow all the necessary procedures to request extra support, allowing artists from other parts of Spain and abroad to access the call.

We encourage you to present your proposal, expressing your ideas and interests as clearly as possible, they are crucial for providing La Caldera with content and meaning as a centre for creation.

A residency is an opportunity to connect and form part of an artistic community, to build dialogues with other creative universes and trajectories, with our members as well as with other resident artists: we have a strong interest in stimulating this interaction, proposing contexts and frameworks for sharing practices, processes and reflections around creative work. On our part we will do everything we can to make this happen and for you to feel comfortable as part of our project.

Selection of projects

Evaluation criteria

Obviously the main criteria is the intrinsic quality of the artistic proposal and its interest within the context of contemporary creation for the stage. We have also set out further criteria or fields of action that coincide with the mission or lines of work currently developed by La Caldera. We believe that they may be useful in defining a framework and situating the present call. They are flexible and purely for guidance and should never be taken as prior requirements or conditions for the evaluation of your proposal.

· Clarity in the expounding of the proposal and in the planning and coherence of the project.

· New visions and ways of approaching creation, open to risk and experimentation, using languages, methodologies and formats that refresh and (re)appraise the meaning and values of current artistic practices.

· Links to other artistic disciplines, fields of knowledge and thought.

· The capacity to generate a context for reflection and critical thought around the proposal.

· We are especially interested in catering to and supporting youth creation

· An interest in building a dialogue with the centre’s artistic team in order to define the most suitable mechanisms for collecting and / or sharing the knowledge emerging from the practices and processes: documentation and compilation of materials, writing, on-line publishing, discussion or reading groups, open chats ...

·Projects that starting from their working materials and contents, are capable of developing actions for social mediation and participation without entering into conflict with artistic interests.

Selection Committee

The selection committee will be formed by performing arts professionals (artists, producers, programmers etc.) from different artistic disciplines and profiles, some with links to La Caldera and others from outside. Once the selection process is over, the composition of the committee will be made public.

Selection process

Starting with the material presented, a prior selection will be made in order to eliminate those proposals that do not match the objectives of the call, the selection criteria and /or the requirements of the modality in question. Following this, individual interviews will be performed with the remaining candidates, either in situ o via Skype to create a dialogue and clear up any points considered important for the correct evaluation of the proposal. Once the interviews are over, the projects selected for 2018 will be made public.


This call is aimed at individuals and legal entities. In order to participate, you must fill in the form, specifying which modality you have chosen and making sure you attach all required documentation in each case.

Documentation to be attached for the creation modality:

# Completed form. Fill it here

# Description of the project with a brief synthesis of the idea and current situation of the proposal: starting point or motivation, general lines, interests and objectives of the work to be carried out throughout the residency, (maximum 3 pages).

# Images or video clips of previous works or of the piece itself, should it already be in progress.

#Complementary information: methodology, related materials or contents, antecedents or references, trajectory and previous work.

# Artistic and production team with participants’ CVs and relevant educational and professional experience (maximum ½ page per person).

# Working calendar and schedule

# Specify if other centres, studios or artists are supporting the proposal.

# Indicate if there is any co-production or public support.

# Portrait photo of the applicant

Documentation to be attached for the technical modality:

# Completed form. Fill it here

# Description or dossier of the proposal for presentation

#Outline of the requirements as to space, technical equipment and staff as well as the length and ideal period for the residency.

# Images or video clips of the piece, should it already be in progress.

# Complementary information: methodology, related materials or contents, antecedents or references, trajectory and previous work.

# Artistic, technical and production team with participants’ CVs and relevant educational and professional experience (maximum ½ page per person).

# Specify if other centres, studios or artists are supporting the proposal.

# Portrait photo of the applicant

Send all documentation by email to

Period for the reception of projects and resolutions:

The period for the reception of projects starts on the 10th October and ends on the 12th November 2017 at 23.59h.

The selected artists commit to add La Caldera Les Corts’ logo in all communications used in the project in residence.

Contact information

La Caldera Les Corts

Telephone 934156851