The collective of artists from lacaldera continues with its commitment to offer a model of continuity and stability, in order to continue developing, consolidating and generating artistic careers and contemporary thought beyond the specific products that its creators can make. As a center for contemporary creation and as an association of artists with a vocation for the sector, our main objectives are:

1) Support dance and contemporary scenic creation both at the level of creation, production and research and give it visibility and support through the different programs of activities that we carry out throughout the year.

2) Provide creators with a stable workspace where they can develop their projects

3) Generate adequate frameworks to bring contemporary creation closer to the public and develop artistic projects of a social scope and linked to the territory

La Caldera is committed to being a stable center for the creation of dance and performing arts managed by artists with professional management support; a private initiative led with the complicity of public institutions, to add and support the different lines of action around the current creation. The differential feature of the Caldera is to have a stable base of resident creators with a long career and experience in different fields, and to be able to offer the space and its structure so that these artists and other new ones can continue developing solid and quality artistic careers. and at the same time enable their growth in a stable framework of continuous work.

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