Referents is the exhibition program of La Caldera that is proposed as a meeting space between resident artists and reference artists, with a long career and with a consolidated work, who in some way are linked or can be referential for the selected works in residence.

Based on the conversations and wishes of the artists in residence, we propose a space for meeting and working together, which includes presentations of some of their pieces, whether recent works or previous pieces, in an exercise of memory, replacement, recovery and recognition.

Referents are proposals interspersed with the Càpsulas de Creacjó en Cru program that in some cases include residency periods, public laboratories, Interviews; and in all cases a time of meeting and accompaniment with the resident artists.

This 2024 the following will be working and presenting within this context: André Uerba, Vera Mantero, Alina R. Folini, Janet Novás and Mónica Valenciano.