What's La Caldera

La Caldera is a dance creation center that gives support and makes visible the work of artists who consider the body as the main subject, tool or central question of their research.

La Caldera generates contexts to share artistic practices that experiment on the margins, giving space to the uncertain, the invisible and other temporalities.

La Caldera creates the conditions for the transmission of the knowledge of the body, that comes from these experiences and from the procedural work of the artists; It collects the traces and makes them accessible through publications.

Outside of professional contexts, La Cadera launches family, educational and neighborhood-related programs where dance invites us to think from the body, about relationships with others and the world.

La Caldera is a living organism, made up of the people who pass through. A 25-year-old body in motion, open and available, with a sensitive management of space that allows to happen, whatever has to happen.