ARAR are the proposals of our accomplices for the celebration of the 25th anniversary of La Caldera. Different ways of being together from the distance, imagining and practicing other ways of sharing time. It is the way we have found to sustain artistic practices during the pandemic.


Corpografies is a line of programation of La Caldera focused on the bodily and narrative writings of presence. Works by creators that investigate the body's and movement's ability to articulate a sensitive discourse, where body is text and thought is action.

Càpsules de creació en cru

Moments of discovery with resident and creators. They share their artistic practice, the current state of their projects, materials and questions that appear in and nourish their work in a comfortable and relaxed way. Informal shows, presentations with different levels of exhibitions, open sessions ...

Festival Sâlmon

Barcelona Living Arts Festival with shared governance between different creation spaces in the city: the Antic Teatre, El Graner, La Caldera and La Poderosa.

Caldera Grec

La Caldera collaborates with the Grec Festival of Barcelona with scenic proposals related to dance and the body that it seeks to complement with related parallel activities such as workshops, conversations and laboratories.

Dansa Metropolitana

La Caldera collaborates with Dansa Metropolitana, a program promoted by the Barcelona City Council and which proposes activities around dance for fifteen days.

Creació i Museus

Project that links the Creation Factories of Barcelona with different museums in the city to work together on a proposal that is presented within the Grec Festival program.

Les Corts, Escenari Literari

La Caldera has participated in various editions of the Festival "Les Corts, Escenari Literari", organized by Districte Les Corts, with dance interventions related to the theme raised.

La Noche de los Museos

Project that links the Creation Factories of Barcelona with different museums in the city to propose an intervention for the Night of the Museums.

Acció mutant

Before being a center for dance, the current building in La Caldera was a cinema and before that, a car factory. With this cycle we want to pay attention to the container, the uses and functions that this space has had.