The goal of La Caldera is to support the creation of artistic careers and that is why one of its core programs in the center is the residences, spaces for experimentation and research, creation and production where the artist feels welcomed and accompanied to develop his job.


Corpografies is a line of programation of La Caldera focused on the bodily and narrative writings of presence. Works by creators that investigate the body's and movement's ability to articulate a sensitive discourse, where body is text and thought is action.

En Residència

En Residència is a project that proposes to the artists to conceive a work specifically designed to be carried out together with a group of compulsory secondary education students. Throughout the entire course and within school hours, students participate in its conception and implementation.


Movement laboratory for children between 5 and 9 years old. Every quarter, La Caldera invites a creator to guide the workshop and share her artistic universe with the little ones in the house.

Càpsules de creació en cru

Moments of discovery with resident and creators. They share their artistic practice, the current state of their projects, materials and questions that appear in and nourish their work in a comfortable and relaxed way. Informal shows, presentations with different levels of exhibitions, open sessions of study, screenings, conversations and and other devices help to uncover the interior of the creative processes.

Festa Major Les Corts

La Caldera collaborates with the Festivities of the neighborhood organizing the 'Toc d'inici' in collaboration with the Diables Les Corts and with the District of Les Corts.

Caldera Grec

La Caldera collaborates with the Grec Festival of Barcelona with scenic proposals related to dance and the body that it seeks to complement with related parallel activities such as workshops, conversations and laboratories.

Dance at the schools

Educational program co-produced by La Caldera and the District of Les Corts that aims to bring dance to students of schools and institutes in the city, offering a program adapted and designed for each age group.

Dansa Metropolitana

La Caldera collaborates with Dansa Metropolitana, a program promoted by the Barcelona City Council and which proposes activities around dance.

Festival Sâlmon

Barcelona Living Arts Festival with shared governance between different creation spaces in the city: the Antic Teatre, El Graner, La Caldera and La Poderosa.

La Caldera Brutal 2022

What if contexts of sharing artistic practices became the center of our activity? What if instead of designing the contents, they emerged from enabling spaces for meeting and dialogue? What if artistic practices are sensitive practices that go beyond the artistic context?

Poro estratosfèrica

Una nueva publicación que penetra dentro del núcleo de los procesos de creación y de los diálogos entre las artistas, para emitir las reflexiones y saberes del cuerpo que se generan, más allá de las cuatro paredes de La Caldera.

Hacer Historia(s)

Ciclo bi-anual un ciclo de danza contemporánea y performance organizado y comisariado por La Poderosa, que se interesa por el archivo, la memoria, la historia y el cuerpo y se hace en colaboración con diferentes equipamientos de la ciudad.

Lo Otro

La Caldera collects traces of materials and practices shared by the artists who pass through the center, to make their work visible and accessible, through publications.

Family activities

La Caldera wants to bring dance closer to the various contexts of the city, reaching audiences of different ages with proposals for family programming and intergenerational workshops.

Creació i Museus

Project that links the Creation Factories of Barcelona with different museums in the city to work together on a proposal that is presented within the Grec Festival program.



ESTO follows the processes of creation of some of the resident artists at La Caldera, trying to gather the knowledge, often difficult to name or translate into words, that appear inside these processes.


ARAR are the proposals of our accomplices for the celebration of the 25th anniversary of La Caldera. Different ways of being together from the distance, imagining and practicing other ways of sharing time. It is the way we have found to sustain artistic practices during the pandemic.

Sporá Prógrama

The vitality and renewal capacity of a creative ecosystem depends on the exchange of information, experiences and knowledge between its agents. Crossing spaces, possible collisions and symbiosis, are the indispensable food for the emergence of new artistic forms and languages.

Brut Nature

Device that puts in relation a part of the creators in residence. For two weeks they occupy La Caldera to continue developing their individual projects but also, and above all, to enter and allow themselves to be intoxicated by the creative universes of others.


Conversations with the creators of Sporá Prógrama where they speak and tell about their experience and practice, in a document that is intended to be a transmission and archiving tool.

Barris en dansa

A Iliacandance company project that is based on the creation of a professional dance show with non-professionals participants from different neighborhoods of Barcelona.


Amateurs is a project of a group of partners from La Caldera, who want to collect in a show the expansion of dance and the languages of movement among the non-professional persons.

Acció mutant

Before being a center for dance, the current building in La Caldera was a cinema and before that, a car factory. With this cycle we want to pay attention to the container, the uses and functions that this space has had.

Summer Stage

Summer Stage is an international meeting for high-level dancers and choreographers where courses, training exchanges and work opening moments are offered.

Entrenaments oberts

La Caldera proposes weekly open trainings, taught by dancers and choreographers of different kinds, with the aim of offering a sustained maintenance space for professionals.