Georgia Bettens, Javier de la Rosa

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GEORGIA BETTENS graduated from the Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne in 2014 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Dance). She has worked with choreographers including Xavier Le Roy, Deboray Hay, Benoît Lachambre and Becky Hilton. Georgia has toured internationally with Martin Hansen’s »If It’s All In My Veins«. She was the recipient of the Ian Potter Cultural Trust grant, Arts Queensland’s Individuals Fund, University of Melbourne Global Scholarship, and the Norma De Gruchy Award.

JAVIER DE LA ROSA graduated in Philosophy at Universidad Autónoma of Madrid in 2018 and in Contemporary Dance at Carmen Senra Private Dance School of Madrid in 2017. He has worked with performance and dance companies such as El Conde de Torrefiel directed by Pablo Gisbert and Tanya Beyeler, such as Zukdance Performing Arts directed by Itsasso A. Cano, or such as Dani Paulo Co. Dance and Theater in collaboration with Zukdance Performing Arts.

Creation residency


Evaporation comes from a specialized noticing and managing of sensation, space and time, relating to our experience of ourselves and of the external environment. It is through this particular noticing, thinking and approaching movement, that we hope to expand a viewer’s own corporal awareness. Our bodies are vessels in the artistic games we are involved within. Through play, we create content. Our bodies are conduits of a greater force.

To have focused time, space and support during the period of residence in La Caldera Les Corts, it is a privilege for us. More specifically we will work to extend and develop this piece into a full length work, however the residency overall will facilitate a deeper expansion of our working, methodology and practice, allowing our art to mature and evolve.